Real Estate Client Expectations in a Tech-Driven

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Real Estate Client Expectations in a Tech-Driven World

Remember the days when selling a property meant your real estate agent hammered a sign in the yard and put a lockbox on the doorknob? Today's world of selling properties looks vastly different with the advances and conveniences afforded by technology and the Internet. However, with that comes higher expectations of a seller's real estate professional.


Sellers are more sophisticated about the real estate transaction, thanks to the proliferation of online information. They want to know things like what kind of marketing their agent does, how that agent uses online tools, whether staging of their home is included in the agent's services, what kinds of photos will appear on the agent's website and brochures, and whether twilight open houses will be held.


There are some important new developments for sellers to know:


• Expanded listing exposure. Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) can now collaborate through syndication of a listing beyond the "home" MLS so that a property can get exposure to more potential buyers.

• Better data. Tools like Realtors Property Resource (RPR) are available to the brokers and agents who subscribe to MLSListings, and they can track data, trends and market information in real time to formulate more accurate property valuations.

• Direct access to information. Critical market and property data are now available to buyers and now in the MLS, where the advantage over third party sites is continuous, real-time updates. This means greater empowerment in the transaction process.


These consumer-centric advantages and features may beg the question; what is the value today of the real estate professional? Without a doubt, digital platforms are becoming more sophisticated and giving buyers and sellers a great deal of data. But, there's more to the sale of a property than advanced algorithms and numbers. Technology alone could not factor in all the possible considerations that will ultimately affect a buyer's decision in virtually every sale.


The role and value of a real estate professional lies in their ability to interpret the data, and to guide you through the lengthy transaction process using their market knowledge and expertise. Agents and brokers can get the right buyer and best sale price.


It is a fact; these days a seller demands more from a real estate professional, owing to their access to information. However, today's brokers and agents are armed with the tools and knowledge to meet those demands.

By MLS Listings, Inc.