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Kitchen Updates That Will Provide the Most Return on Investment


When it comes to selling your home, it seems counterintuitive to remodel certain areas because you’re not going to enjoy the benefits of the updates to the home first-handedly. While this is somewhat true—you aren’t going to be living in this home anymore—remodeling and updating pieces of the home can help you sell it for significantly more money, even after you factor in the cost of the updates. The process of pricing your home for sale relies heavily on the condition of the home, so make prudent fixes.


One of the first rooms in the house that should be spruced up is the kitchen. Kitchens are where the magic happens: where families bake birthday cakes, kids put together baking soda volcanos, and everyone cooks up delicious treats and meals. When potential buyers see the kitchen, they want to see a place that can be the foreground for many positive memories.


According to Remodeling, a minor kitchen remodel equaled, on average, about a 78.3 percent return on investment, with higher numbers depending on where in the country the house is located. Be smart about what you remodel in your kitchen. Before you sell your home, make these kitchen updates:


Fix up the countertop

You don’t have to go all out with pure marble stone, but after years of using the one that’s already in your kitchen, you’ll want to fully replace your countertop. Even a simple Formica laminate material can transform a rundown looking kitchen into something cleaner and more inviting. The style and color of the new countertop depends on the palate of the rest of the kitchen; you don’t want silver and white counters with floral walls.


Install new cabinets

Surprise! After how many years of wear and tear, your kitchen cabinets look, well, worn. If they’re damaged at all, then install new ones before you list the home. Depending on the size of the area in which you want to install cabinets, the price can vary widely. Luckily, a simple, non-custom cabinet installation can still earn you a high return on investment so as long as the finished result is clean and well-installed.


If your cabinets are still in great shape, then a priming and repainting job might be the more practical route. It all depends on the condition of the kitchen.


Redo the flooring

Most kitchens have tile flooring, and even if you take care to clean it regularly, the tiles and grout will become dirty and stained over time. Additionally, tiles crack after having heavy objects, like pots, dropped on them. If your tiled floor is looking worn past the point of some scrubbing, replace it.


Because the floor takes up such a large portion of the room, a new installation can make all the difference. Buyers are going to be more inclined to pay more for a house with a fresh kitchen, not a dingy one.


New light fixtures

By fixtures, we don’t just mean lightbulbs. If your kitchen is decked out in brass or wood fixtures, it’s time for an update. Brass carries with it an outdated feel, and installing a more modern, yet nonetheless classic, style can make the kitchen look newer. And, you can purchase new and impressive light fixtures for a discounted price that will equal a sizable return on investment!


If you plan on selling your home in the near future and want the highest return on investment, you should not only hire a top real estate agent, but you should also make conscious updates to the home, especially the kitchen. Luckily, I can advise on any remodeling jobs you may need. Just give me a call!


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