How to Make Your Home Your Stress-Free Sanctuary

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How to Make Your Home Your Stress-Free Sanctuary


Everyone deserves a little peace and contentment in their own home. As the stresses of school, work, relationships, social and political issues, and the environment all continue to compound on a seemingly daily basis, the need to escape into an inner sanctum and close out all of the distractions and frustrations of the outside world. Your home should serve as your oasis – as a safe space within which you can fully relax. With that in mind, here are a few simple ways to turn your home into a den of serenity:


Fresh, Natural Light

Allowing more sunlight in your home not only reduces the need for artificial lighting, thus benefiting the environment, but also does wonders for your mood and emotional health. By making changes that allow for more of the sun’s rays to come streaming into your home, you will find that it makes everything brighter and more luminescent, improving your attitude and the friendliness of your home.


Declutter and Organize

This is essential in almost anyone being able to relax and take it easy in their home. Packrats and hoarders aside, most of us can’t stand when numerous items and objects are out of place and haphazardly strewn all about the house. Getting these things cleaned up and neatly put away is critical to being at peace inside ones’ own four walls.


Redecorate and Paint

One sure fire way to brighten up your in-home existence is to brighten up its colors and design. For several years neutrals and grays have been very popular in-home décor. But while staying up to date on the latest interior fashions may be trendy, the current fads are not always suited to everyone’s needs. Find the styles and looks that you most warm up to and splash them all over your home. Forget about what’s in the magazines or on TV.


Turn Your Bedroom into a Haven for Sleep

While the other rooms of your house may be for entertaining guests, engaging in activities such as exercise, reading or creativity, cooking, or anything else that you may have purposed them for; the bedroom should be for sleeping. Setting it up in a way that encourages and induces a peaceful nighttime bliss is vital to the overall function of your home as your own personal sanctuary.

Having minimal to no electronic lighting is a good start. And cool and comfortable bedding to lower your body temperature and help aid in sleep is another. Other good ideas include making it as sound proof as possible, reducing incoming light, and leaving all aspects of work and entertainment outside the room.


Flowers, Plants, or Aromatherapy

Scent can play a huge role in the overall relaxation and stress reduction that a home can offer. Finding out which subtle and gentle smells are best suited to your personal calm can go a long way in melting away the troubles of the world. The natural sunlight that you are using will help plants and flowers to flourish, while candles, oils, and incense can offer pleasant fragrances all throughout the house.

Your home should be a place you love to be – an environment in which you can truly relax. Keep our tips in mind and start creating your sanctuary today.

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By Morgan Taylor